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News Paper Report – Sambad Protidin: Friday, 3Rd  April,2009.

“Defeat CPI-M Everywhere” – Mahasweta Devi’s Call to the People

Staff reporter: Renowned writer Mahaswata Devi called to the people of West Bengal to vote for the candidates of the Cong-TMC coalition all over the state in order to defeat the CPI-M. In a message she said, ‘I would ask all, get rid of whatever reservation you have. Our single goal should be, defeat of CPI-M. The 32 years of repression, misrule, and corruption must come to an end. All of you oppose the CPI-M where ever you are. The opposition must unite and all those are on the other side should have one platform. The time and the people demands this. Therefore, remain with the people with whatever capacity you have and defeat the CPI-M.’ On Thursday, this eminent scribe thus expressed her views regarding ending the CPI-M rule.

In the message, she appealed to the people to vote for singer Kabir Suman, the TMC candidate for Jadavpur Parliamentary constituency. In a pressconference on that day, Sahanagorikder Muktomancho gave a call to elect Kabir Suman. In that curriculum, she sent a letter where she gave a call to the people to elect Kabir Suman and/also the other anti CPI-M candidates in the rest of the 41 parliamentary seats of W.B. Celebrated artists, writers and intellectuals have given a similar call. Some of them were  Shubhaprossonno, Alokranjon Dasgupta, Bivash Chakravorty, Joy Goswami, Debobroto Bandopadhyay, Sunando Sanyal, Suman Mukhopadhyay, Koushik Sen, Bratyo Basu, Arpita Ghosh, Sujato Bhadro, Jaya Mitro, Jaya Gangopadhyay, Kalyan Rudro, Samir Aich, Shipra Bhattacharya, Anindo Chattopadhyay, Debapriyo Mullick, Prosun Bhowmic, and many more. This press conference was attended by Bivash Chakroborty. Why they were appealing to elect Kabir Suman? Answering this question he raised the topic of Singur Nandigram. In another message, parallel to singer Suman, the information about citizen Suman’s conscious participation in the Movements was discussed. The songs of Kabir Suman have been an important inspiration to the land movement. The ever awake voice against terrorism, Kabir Suman , has always opposed death sentence. A special issue of Bijolpo – the literature of the platform, has been published with this call to elect Kabir Suman.

Mahaswata Devi, in her message has also said, “For 32 years the people have been deprived of food, work, drinking water, electricity, medical facilities. The industry of making everyone a CPI-M supporter only functioned. Masses are rising in protest against this. In the panchayet elections this mass had voted against the CPI-M. In this election too, all must come forward in protest against the CPI-M. I am there and I shall be there in this struggle to end the CPI-M rule.”



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