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Rajarhat Jomi Bachao Committee (Save the Land Committee, Rajarhat)

Respected Ladies and Gentlemen,

Why should you vote for Kabir Suman, the candidate of Jadavpur  Parliamentary Constituency? And why, Rajarhat Jomi bNachao Committee should support Kabir Suman? Only one example shall be enough to understand, to what great extent, would you benefit by voting him. You are lucky to have got a candidate like Kabir Suman. He had raised funds for the workers of the Kanoria Jute Mill, when they were on strike, through his concerts. For several movements, he has silently contributed the royalty of his cassettes, without caring for minimum propaganda. For his protests of such nature, the CPI-M party hood loomed and jeopardized many of his concerts.

The West Bengal Government is usurp ting 7000 Hectares of cultivatable land forcibly, in coalition with police and goons. This land can be cultivated thrice yearly, and here vegetables of all kinds may be grown. There were several Bheris (fishponds) in this area. The Government of Bhuddhodev Bhattacharya seized even those and pushed the cultivators of Rajarhat to extreme misery. When the farmers lodged struggle against this process, Mr. Suman had performed thrice to raise funds for them and had contributed the
entire sum for the movement. That sum was used to fight cases in the High Court.

We the people of Rajarhat have missed the chance to vote for this man with such a golden heart and you are lucky with such a chance! Please don’t let this chance go off! Now, the CPI-M party is acting as the con-man of the monopoly capitalists. They are usurp ting the land of the poor peasants and acting as the middle-man to Tata and other gigantic promoters. Not A Single Vote To This CPI-M! Based on the struggle of the peasants of Rajarhat, Mr.Suman has recorded a Cassette of songs called Jomi (Land). This still inspires the farmers who are struggling for their land even today.

If, Mr Kabir Suman goes to the Parliament, he is sure to raise his voice for your cause. WE WISH SUMAN VICTORY. VICTORY BE TO THE RIGHTEOUS MAN!

Published by Nilotpol Dutto on behalf of Rajarhat Jomi Bachao Committee.
Printed by Projatno Printers Baguihati, Kolkata 59, Ph- 2570 0481.





3 Responses to “Voice Of People”

  1. March 29, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Do you honestly believe that BJP is not communal? TMC/Mamata never said so, and never apologized for hooking up with them. So, that banner is just a testimony of lies you signed up for.

  2. 2 shimul
    April 6, 2010 at 10:52 am

    sumon, ami tumar jonnyo beche thaki

  3. 3 Uttor Amerika theke
    June 18, 2011 at 5:35 am

    Taposhi Maliker ardho dagdho deho diye jadi upner website’r soudarjo bare tahole gata mangalbar je sabar bhaider dekho jalano hoyechhe tader deho’o upnar website’r saondarjo arao barak… she stya prakasher khamata achhe? naki anondobazario (naki aero kichhur) ‘chalshe’ te satyi dekha chapsha hoye gechhe… ‘Khub Jante ichchhe kore…’

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