1 Response to “Hi”

  1. 1 arup kumar dalui
    February 20, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Dear suman,

    i read in news paper that u r going to demonstrate against’operation green hunt’in the tribal region of our country.u should visit the poor families of the policeman died in shilda before doing all this things.u r an artist & i respect ur feelings 4 the tribal people. i have also feelings 4 them. but u know the people like kishanji/chatradhar mahato/maoist are harming the development of the tribals. may be they have done some good thing by drawing the attention of the govt. towards tribals but they r not well wisher of the tribals.if they say so then they should come forward with the development plan 4 the tribal region instead of trying to capture the region. their ultimate goal is to establish the maoist philosophy & control the region & not development.chatradhar has started the mass movement well, but the maoist has overpowered him or he has given the chance willingly.No one things about the poor. policeman died in shilda are from poor family.so, i want to say that ur feelings r giving advantage to the maoist only. That’s why they have invited u in lalgarh.so feel 4 the poor only.

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