Life in USA

My job in VOA was permanent, but spending my life in the USA was not my intention because by 1979 I had found my songwriter’s voice, so to say, and I had written several songs, all rather political in nature, that my friends liked. Music has always been my first love and I thought I had found my true vocation: songwriting, singing and making music. I could not write songs in Bengali if I remained in the USA, so I decided to go back to Calcutta after spending five years in the USA, learning whatever I could of Jazz and Blues, getting used to playing organ and piano, getting more exposure to international politics and enriching myself intellectually as much as I could. My great hunger for books was amply satisfied by the stupendous array of books that I could find in the USA. I have visited a few countries and lived in two other continents. In no other country did I find book stores and libraries so eager to help book worms in every possible way. There was another factor. In 1979 the Sandinista Revolutionaries ousted the Nicaraguan dictator Somoza and seized political power. I felt a great desire to go to Nicaragua to write a book on the Revolution. I started to learn Spanish in Washington D.C.


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