The ‘singer’ in me

I find it curious that all these people found only a “singer” in me. In 2003, I started anchoring a TV talk show in the Tara News channel: Live doshtay. This live show was telecast four times every week and it was quite a popular show. In that show I interviewed people from all walks of life, not excluding politicians.  During the last parliament election I interviewed politicians of all political parties and moderated discussions among them for over a month. I remember having interviewed Mr Sujan Chakraborty of the CPIM too. At that time I did not have the impression that he thought I was just a singer.Today I am his rival in the current parliament election. The Live Doshtay ran for at least two years. After that live talk show ended I started to anchor another live talk show: Motamot – once again a series of interviews with politicians, trade unionists, scientists, authors, poets, musicians, players, etc, that was telecast five times a week. I should be inclined to think that people who watched these shows (Live doshtay and Motamot) ought to be able to gather that the man who was conducting the discussions must be more than just a “singer”. One must be sufficiently equipped in many subjects to be an anchor of such live talk shows. I find it amusing that despite the considerable popularity of these two talk shows many people, all of whom are “educated” and urban, were and still are determined to find only a “singer” in me.


1 Response to “The ‘singer’ in me”

  1. January 15, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    why dont people realise that a singer who proclaims himself to sing about and for the people…is one amongst the very people for which the cause of singing is intended.In a rational way people only takes the song and not the thoughts of the writer..who happens to be the same.

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